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    Groundwater Remediation
    Pump and Treat :  
    Contaminated groundwater extracted from the subsurface
    by pumping is treated before it is discharged
    Contaminants : fuel , solvents , and pesticides


    Air sparging :
    Air sparging is an in situ technology in which air is injected through a contaminated aquifer .
    Injected air traverses horizontally and vertically in channels through the soil column ,
    Creating an underground stripper that removes contaminants by volatilization .
    Contaminants : VOCs , and  fuels .

    Permeable Reactive Barrier ( PRB ) :
    PRB is a wall created below ground to clean up contaminated groundwater . The reactive materials that make up
    The walleither trap harmful contaminants or make them less harmful.
    Contaminants : chlorinated solvent , other organics , metals ,inorganics , and radio nuclides .