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Moc Petroleum Recycling Company 


  • welding

    Welding is a fabriction process that joins materials , usually metals or thermoplastics , by using high heat to melt the part together ans allowing them to cool cusing fusion , Welding is distinct from lower temprature metal-joining techniques. Extension and installation of fuel networks

  • farm tanks

    farm tanks is a facility for storage of liquid petroleum products or petrochemicals 

    we are construt , design , serve , clean & maintenance farm tanks .

  • Consulting

    Petroleum consulting services
    Support for petroleum drilling and exploration process
    Activation and Maintenance of Oil/Petroleum Wells
    Drilling equipment and Oil Pumps Maintenance Services
    Water Well Drilling and shallow wells necessary forthe purposes of oil

  • Actual and real service

    Through our experienced staff of professionals, we guarantee high quality service. Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless MOC Petroleum Recycling  Energy Group’s potential is to grow. Our staff h

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Recycling and alternative energy

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about company

For twenty years we have been working in the industry field.
We have been through experiences, overcome obstacles,
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